AP poll: Obama at 37% approval

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AP poll: Obama at 37% approval

Post by Dennis324 on Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:31 am

 Readers have to get halfway into the Associated Press report on its new AP-GFK poll to find this out, but Barack Obama’s job approval numbers have cratered in the shutdown.  His overall job approval is now 37/53, and a majority want Obama to start cooperating more with Republicans, as 63% want Republicans to meet Obama part-way, too
Report: Armed rangers forced senior-citizen tourists to stay inside their hotel during Yellowstone visit because of shutdown
Which goes to show that this whole plan of govt shutdown has been a flop.  Rolling Eyes

I take that back. It hasn't been a total flop.  Harry Reid, Pelosi and Obama have come out of this looking pretty bad.  So has John Boehner, but I think his days as Speaker are numbered anyway.  He barely hung on last time.

This is all going to be used in the upcoming elections as well as the Presidential elections.



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