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Post by Sir Pun on Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:12 am

Ive already noticed on several occassions libs blaming "greedy execs" for the changes some companies are making due to obamacare. Namely walmart and papa johns. But i see as the law continues to be impemented and continues to damage the economy, this is going to be lins response, despite the fact that they have been repeatedly warned this would happen ahead of time. And i get so sick of hearing libs lament over the harsh realities of the business world, as if companies are all just job charities. Too many ppl seem to lack a basic understanding of capitalism, and the hard numbers that government doesnt have to live with. Why should companies be beholden to their employees moreso than the customer, and theshareholders? Fact is, employees are just organic mechinery from an employers pov. businesses arent in business to give good paying jobs, thats a side effect of good business. most of the beef with papa john seems to be based on his actually telling te truth about how his company will offset the additional costs of obamacare, and thats how all retail does, by passing it onto the consumer.

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Re: Get ready

Post by Marconius on Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:11 am

Cost of living and inflation affect "good paying jobs" more than anything else. This falls into that equation. Forcing employers to pay an exhorbitant wage for a menial task falls into this. Taxation falls into this.

Actually there are so many things government does that makes the middle class poor, it is hard to stop naming them. By voting for benefits from the state coffers, the people have screwed us all. Free shit ain't never free and government is never here for the benefit of its citizens.

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