Only in Ireland....

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Only in Ireland....

Post by Miles1 on Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:57 am

Drive-by, irish style....

Gunman shoots himself in leg before bungled hit on cyclist

A BUNGLING hitman shot himself in the thigh as he tried to pull a gun out of his tracksuit bottoms before blasting his victim in the stomach.

Both men were recovering from their injuries in hospital last night as gardai examined motives for the attempted murder. The gunman had been lying in wait at around 8.15am in a laneway between Glasnevin Avenue and Glasnevin Park for his intended target, 52-year-old Charlie O'Neill, who was cycling along Glasnevin Avenue.

When the hitman spotted O'Neill, who was known locally as "the Walrus", he dashed out of the laneway but fired a shot while attempting to pull out the shotgun from his pants.

Despite his thigh injury, he ran on to the roadway and fired a blast at O'Neill, who fell from the bicycle to the ground, clutching his stomach.

The gunman then hobbled back down the laneway and into nearby Hillcrest Park where he eventually collapsed on the driveway of a house.

The emergency services were alerted by a local and O'Neill was taken to the Mater Hospital in a serious condition. He was recovering there last night from his injuries, which were described as not life threatening.

Gardai were quickly on the scene and recovered the weapon used in the shootings. They also took possession of the victim's bicycle and another bicycle which they believe the gunman intended to use in his getaway.

Officers also took custody of a third bicycle and last night were trying to trace the identity of its owner. They said it was not yet clear whether the hitman had an accomplice.

The suspect, who is in his 30s and from Finglas, was taken to Beaumont Hospital for treatment for his leg injuries and an armed guard was put on his bedside. Gardai said he was known to them but was not regarded as a major criminal.

A motive for the shooting was being investigated last night but gardai said they believed O'Neill had fallen foul of a criminal gang.

The presence of the third bicycle is suspicious, seems this was a big mafia-style hit but the 2nd shooter got away.....


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Re: Only in Ireland....

Post by Dennis324 on Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:09 pm

What is Gardaí?

Is the Irish Mob pretty active still there?  It does sound like a Mob hit.

What's O'neill's background?  Won der what he has been involved in?



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