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Post by Sir Pun on Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:11 am

So the government makes it easier for working pol to get on food stamps and welfare, then libs complain that ppl who are working shouldnt HAVE to be on welfare?

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Re: Strange

Post by Dennis324 on Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:32 pm

You know what bothers me, (and I used to be guilty of this), is how folks who don't get food stamps complain about the type of food folks that DO get food stamps buy.  People who get food stamps get 'X' number of dollars per month to spend.  Its only around $200/month for a single person here in Alabama (up to $600 if you have kids).  There are only certain types of things that they can spend that money food.  You cant buy paper towels or cleaning supplies with food stamps. 
Here's the deal.  If you spend that money wisely, shop for bargains instead of buying Delmonico cut ribeyes, your food stamps will go much further.  But people can spend it however and if they blow all that money, they wont get as much food.  Its just like having $200 in cash really.
Anyway, when people complain about what is in a foodstamp recipient's buggy at the grocer, it shows a lack of knowledge or arrogance.  Who cares if the foodstamp person buys an occasional steak?  The money's the same either way.  They'll have to sacrifice somewhere else to make their money last for the month anyway. 

Sometimes I wonder if people think that those of us on Food Stamps should only be buying potted meat and Vienna sausages to live on.



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